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Latest Work

"Builders' Union". My mural at 3F, the United Federation of Danish Workers in Copenhagen

In December 2018 I finished my mural in 3F's  (United Federation of Danish Workers) headquarters in Copenhagen. 3F had asked me to paint a mural that represents their builder's group and their administration, their green group, their international group and their BAT cartel. The mural shows builders, a farmer and administrative workers all of different race and gender. It was important for both 3F and myself to make diversity a part of the representation. 


I have a lot of admiration for the work that 3F does to help ensure fair wages and good working conditions for its member and I was very honored when I was asked me to paint a mural for them :)


Pictures of the process at 3F:
The beginning of my mural October 15, 2018

"Help". My mural at Lundbeck in Copenhagen

October 10, 2018, was World Mental Health Day. The Danish pharmacautical company Lundbeck used the day to try to destigmatize mental illnesses. Lundbeck had asked me to create a mural for the event and to paint it on site in collaboration with the company's employees. It was an amazing and important experience for me to be a part of this. I really appreciate what Lundbeck does to change the perception of mental illnesses.

The painting shows a man standing at the edge of a bridge. He is looking down with a painful expression, thinking about suicide. In his hand he holds a phone. He has sent an iMessage with the word "Help" to all of his contacs. It has been delivered and three dots have appeared to indicate that someone is responding.

It is an attempt to encourage people to talk about these things, to reach out, to help, and to ask for help. Mental illnesses can affect everyone just like physical illnesses can.

My own father was perfectly well up until the age of 58 when he was hit by a depression after he had a traumatizing experience at work. Six months later he killed himself. That's why I want to encourage everyone to talk about these things, to reach out and to help.

Pictures of the process at Lundbeck:
Lundbeck's World Mental Health Day video about our work:
World Mental Health Day at Lundbeck with Danish artist Rikke Lydeking

Older Work

More here
Help, 2018
Mural by Rikke Lydeking for World Mental Health Day 2018 at Lundbeck, Copenhagen. The man is standing on the edge of a bridge looking down. He is considering suicide. In his hand he's holding a phone. He's sent an iMessage to All with the word "Help". The message has been delivered and three dots have appeared to indicate that someone is going to respond. The painting is inspired by Edward Munch's The Scream but I have added an element of hope
Imagination Made Man Fly, 2018
Oil painting (170x200cm) that celebrates humans' ability to imagine things and turn them into reality. Buyer's three children are on top of the airplane that flies over Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Great Giza Pyramid, Saint Basil's Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower
The Four Seasons of Frederiksberg
This is how I imagine that Frederiksberg, a small municipality inside of Copenhagen, looks like in the four different seasons. From the left, it starts with summer, then autumn, winter and finally spring. It was a commissioned painting of the buyer's view from his balcony. Oil on canvas, 200x150cm, 2017
Female Figure 1, 2016
From my exhibition "Gender Roles"
History of Nørrebro 1900-2016, 2016
This is an illustration of historical events on the Copenhagen Borough Nørrebro from 1900 to 2016. This includes the poor population's use of the area to cultivate rhubarb, the rise of the workers' movement, the growth of autonomist and leftist groups, the Nazi occupation and the local resistance, the squatter movement, the EU protests and clashes between police and protesters, the occupation and clearance of the youth house and the subsequent riots and the gentrification process
Tread Carefully, 2015
This is a mural I made on Sønder Boulevard in Copenhagen next to the Meatpacking District. The mural is a comment on the different statuses we have in society and the different sizes we have in nature. It's an encouragement to people to watch their steps, i.e. to think about the consequences of their actions and to consider the fact that other people may be less fortunate than them/smaller than they are. It is also an encouragement to people to stand together against hardship
To Climb with A Heavy Heart, 2014
This man is trying to climb to the top with the use of a rope. The rope begins at the top and turns into a magpie. At the top is a mechanic device that cuts the rope when the hourglass runs out of sand. Hence, the rope is also the man's lifeline and it's uncertain whether he's able to reach the top before time runs out. The magpie is a symbol of temptation and stands in front of the man as an obstacle. Temptation is a part of life and it can function as an obstacle.
Twice Removed, 2014
This is a comment on human relations. The woman and the man are standing in the same room but are unaware of each other. Most people are familiar with their body language. While they're not actually holding anything in their hands, most people immediately assume that they're both holding a phone. This is a way to say that perhaps technology has driven us a bit too far away from our natural need to socialise and to be acknowledged by our surroundings.
The Creation of A National Identity
I made this mural in the Student House in Copenhagen in 2013. It is a comment on the creation of a national identity with references to poems by W. B. Yeats and Henry Barlow on nation-building
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