Rikke Lydeking

is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen - active since 2013

studied Art History (bachelor) at the University of Copenhagen 2006-2008

studied figurative drawing at Columbia University 2011

studied classical techniques at Barcelona Academy of Art 2017 -


studied English (bachelor) at the University of Copenhagen 2008-2011

studied American Studies (Master) at Copenhagen Business School 2011-2013

Public Works

In 2018, Rikke paints a 2.5 x 2.5 large mural in the United Federation of Danish Workers (3F)'s headquarters in Copenhagen

In 2018, Rikke paints a 14 x 2.5 large mural for the pharmaceutical company Lundbeck in connection with World Mental Health Day

In 2016, Rikke creates a 8m x 3m large mural in Temple Bar in Copenhagen

In 2016, Rikke is hired to paint a mural on Cirque du Soleil's stage at the Expo in Antalya, Turkey, but show is cancelled due to terror threats

In 2015, Rikke creates a 20m x 4m large mural outdoors on Sønder Boulevard in Copenhagen

In 2014, Rikke creates a 5m x 8m large mural in Temple Bar in Copenhagen

In 2013, Rikke creates a 14m x 3,5m large mural in the Student House (Studenterhuset) in Copenhagen

- My work is my way of expressing my opinions and tell my stories. I'm deeply fascinated with both the possibilities and the limitations that painting has when it comes to communication. My goal is always to communicate with the viewer. My style is very much influenced by symbolism, and I like to think of my paintings as puzzles or mazes that viewers have to either solve or find their way through. That being said, there is no "right" answer ...or path. It is very important that each painting leaves room for the viewer to include his or her own story in the interpretation, making it a new work of art each time a new person looks at it. 

                    - Rikke Lydeking

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